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Welcome to
Modern Mountainside Sanctuary!

Dear Guest,

Thank you for choosing to stay at the Modern Mountainside Sanctuary, we are happy to host you! We hope you have a relaxed, enjoyable time while you are here, please make yourself at home. This guide includes a house manual and has useful tips from a local, so get excited for your adventure!


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Check-in : 4:00 PM
Check-out : 10:00 AM


  • No smoking inside
  • No parties
  • Be courteous of noise levels
  • Only park vehicles in the driveway, maximum of 4


  • Heating: The wall-thermostats will increase the temperatures in the home and specific areas.
  • Fireplaces: Using the timer, located to the right of the fireplace, you can ignite the fireplace. Once the timer-dial is turned, it will take a few seconds for the flames to ignite.
  • Cooling: Mountain homes typically rely on opening the windows throughout the night to let the cool mountain air in, and closing the windows during the d