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Property Onboarding

After you have determined the property to be "Rent Ready," follow this step-by-step guide to onboard your property with AIR MGMT. For more information regarding what we consider "Rent Ready," click here.

  • Please review, complete and sign the Listing Agreement. While no term-committment, we want to ensure all clients understand our services before getting started.

  • Submit the start-up fee through this secure payment platform.

  • This detailed questionnaire will help us accurately list your property and prepare the operations of your vacation rental.

    This form will allow for you to partially complete and will automatically save your responses for 10 days.

  • We use ACH direct deposit for your monthly pay out. Please submit this secure form to ensure you recieve your funds to the desired account each month.

  • Authorize AIR MGMT to make small replacements or small repairs on your behalf. We suggest starting with a $500 minimum, but you can always update this amount as you see fit.

  • This questionnaire is designed to collect any vendors that you have authorized for your home in the past. Although this is not a required form for you to complete, this information will be used for smooth coordination and emergency scenarios that could occur at your property.