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Simplified Vacation Rental Ownership

What started as a single AirBnB rental is now a network of vacation rentals. AIR MGMT provides investors a platform to advertise their vacation rentals on multiple platforms, while having hospitality professionals manage the day-to-day operation and guest experience.

With backgrounds in multi-family management, the founders of AIR MGMT integrated large scale operational concepts into an efficient system for the short term rental market of individual units. Vacation rental management companies charge 30-50% of a property’s income for vague practices, outdated marketing and high repair costs. AIR MGMT charges 15% to manage the listing, vendors and guest experience- we have unbundled vacation rental management into a set of tools that real estate investors need to better fine-tune their investment. We keep our costs low so you can retain more deserved profit and truly understand your investment. Our transparency and low cost is rooted in our efficiency- As an AIR MGMT property owner, you build your property management team and we keep all the parts moving. By building your on-location team, you know the exact cost of each service, you authorize all work on your home and we only inform you of maintenance when needed. This type of transparency is not typically found in large scale operations, but AIR MGMT is built with this in mind for the modern vacation rental investor. We found that many investors are used to, and prefer some hands-on aspects of owning properties but simply do not have the capacity to manage the daily operations. AIR MGMT is the new tool for a thriving vacation rental.