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Dear Guest,

Thank you for choosing to stay at Crested Butte Penthouse, we are happy to host you! We hope you have a relaxed, enjoyable time while you are here, please make yourself at home. This guide has useful tips from a local, so get excited for your adventure!


Don't forget
Check-in : 4:00 PM
Check-out : 10:00 AM


  • No smoking inside
  • Place ski equipment in ski locker (red key)
  • Be courteous of noise levels
  • No ski equipment inside


  • Heating: There are 8 thermostats throughout the condo and each are set manually.
  • Fireplace: Thermostat located near the coat hooks/ front door.
  • Cooling: Mountain homes typically rely on opening the windows throughout the night to let the cool mountain air in, and closing the windows and shades during the day to trap the cool air.


  • Dishes started in the dishwasher
  • Used towels placed in the bathtub
  • Excess trash taken to the dumpster, which is located across from the garage key entry point.
  • Place parking permit on kitchen counter where it was found.
  • Return keys to lockbox