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Welcome to
Vintage Riverside Retreat!

Dear Guest,

Thank you for choosing to stay at Vintage Riverside Retreat, we are happy to host you! We hope you have a relaxed, enjoyable time while you are here, please make yourself at home. This guide has useful tips from a local, so get excited for your adventure!


Don't forget
Check-in : 4:00 PM
Check-out : 10:00 AM


  • No smoking inside
  • Leave ski boots at door
  • Be courteous of noise levels
  • Re-lock bear bar on dumpster
  • Laundry located in secondary upstairs bedroom closet. Laundry pauses on cycle 'rinse' before it spins, please select 'spin' to finish the cycle.
  • Please do not flsuh anything but toilet paper down the toilets. Feminie products, condoms, etc. should be disposed of in the waste bin.
  • Record Player Instructions: Power, standby, phono, then pull the stick with the needle a little bit to the right before positioning on the record itself. Volume needs to be turned up, sometimes the process needs repeated to get it right on track.


  • Thermostat controls the central heating system. You may also bring wood for the wood-burning stove! Please ensure the chimney is open before starting a fire. Bottom lever pressed toward the floor, top lever pulled toward you. To close, perform the opposite.
  • Cooling: Mountain homes typically rely on opening the windows throughout the night to let the cool mountain air in, and closing the windows during the day to trap the cool air.


  • Dishes started in the dishwasher
  • Used towels placed in the bathtub